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About Devil's Dice

Forged in the hard rock / heavy metal heartland of Birmingham, England; Devil’s Dice deliver big riffs, melodic twin lead guitar work, soaring vocals and catchy choruses that evoke memories of the greats of the genre, but with a delivery and style all their own.

Devil’s Dice are influenced by and aim to match the work of Judas Priest, Accept, Thin Lizzy and Saxon to name just a few; lofty standards indeed, but one listen through the debut album ‘Libertarian’ and you will hear this is no mere tribute to traditional metal; elements of the aforementioned bands shine through, but at the same time Devil’s Dice don’t sound specifically like any of them, creating their own unique character and sound.

Formed in 2005 by David Clark and Chris Webb; many incarnations followed in the search to complete the lineup, but with the songs written and ready to go, Dave and Chris began recording at Arkham Studios in 2009 on a part time basis, with Alex Cooper producing. In the summer of 2013 after a long and arduous search, Matt George came into the picture, with a voice capable of doing the music justice. Since then the band have been finishing up recording of the debut album, which was released on the 6th of July and available to buy from our store here!

In late 2015 Jim Gray and Dean Gamble joined the band, on drums and bass respectively. This new line-up delivered a storming performance at the Bilston Robin in February 2016 and more gigs soon followed.


Now a well seasoned band on the live circuit and finalists in the 2017 Midlands Metal to the Masses competition - Devil's Dice are held in high regard with venues, promoters and fellow musicians alike for their un-wavering commitment to their sound and their ability to deliver the material in captivating live performances.  

If you are a Label, promoter or venue and would like to book Devil's Dice for your live venue please get in touch here.


Devil's Dice are....

Matt Gore - Vocals
David Clark - Guitar
Chris Webb - Guitar
Auditioning now ! - Bass
Matt Parrish - Dep Drums